Cathlene Klippert

Cathlene Klippert

Creative, Intuitive, Techie VA and Coach

Hi, I’m Cathlene Klippert your Creative, Intuitive Techie VA and Coach. My passion is to take the intimidation out of technology for my clients so they focus on what matters most, family, clients and self care.

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs who are frustrated by tasks that require skills they don’t have or keep pulling them away from spending time where their light shines. Working with energy I understand how crucial the energy you put into your business is to attract clients. I take the skills I obtained from the corporate world along with my creativity and love of technology to complete those task. This then allows my clients to create the space needed to focus ON their business instead of in it. 

So if you are finding your light dimming and frustration growing from building or maintaining your website, setting up and maintaining your email marketing or any other techie skills needed to run your business, I invite you to request a consultation today. 

Isn't It Time You Created More Space In Your Life?

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