Bring Some Laughter Into Your Day

Bring Some Laughter Into Your Day

Today make some space for joy and laughter.

Not sure how to bring some of that fun energy into your day? Try watching a few videos of babies laughing or cute little puppies, Google and Facebook are full of them.

Or, if you are like me, all you need is to watch Anderson Cooper giggle. Oh to have a job that brings such silliness into your life. I can’t help but smile when I see him crack up.

So, if you haven’t had a laugh today here’s a little clip for you.

Once the Butterfly Emerges You Can’t Put it Back in the Cocoon

Once the Butterfly Emerges You Can’t Put it Back in the Cocoon

Stop trying to force yourself through the transformation you already completed. It isn’t going to do you anything except create frustration and struggle.

You have accomplished all the necessary steps and now it is time to revel in your new found glory.

Yes! You truly are done with that process.

Allow yourself to accept the new you. Get to know how to work with your new way of being. Take time to test out your new wings and trust you will be OK even if you wobble a bit.

As you move forward, notice all the new and exciting avenues that are opening up to you. Allow yourself to explore them and discern which is right for you and know that you DO have what it takes to travel down that road.

You Have The Power

You Have The Power

Don’t give up, you are so close.

You have the power within to bring it to fruition.

Allow that primal creative energy within to bring it to life. Do so from a space of love and nurture it as it grows. Listen to it guiding you to what it needs so it can be strong.

Trust that you can and are doing it.

Feel the joy as it comes to life and notice the widespread reach it has. Trust when it is ready and allow it to spread its wings and fly.


Time to Step Up

Time to Step Up

It is time to find your voice and speak up about what you feel passionately about.

Know that you can speak with authority and people will listen.

Trust the nudges you are receiving and be the voice for those who have none.

Own your power and trust that you can do it.

Guide them, lead the way. Allow them to see in you what they have lost in themselves. Become the flame that lights the candles and watch as they burn brightly.

You ARE a leader, step into it and all will fall into place.


Time To Tend The Garden

Time To Tend The Garden

Do you ever spend time thinking about your relationships with other areas in your life besides people?

Today I invite you to notice what kind of relationship you have with food, money, your career or health. You are probably already aware of the areas that could use a bit more work, still take a look.

Is it a love/hate relationship?

Do you even have a relationship with it?

Or are you fostering a healthy relationship, one of balance, love and support?

Even with good relationships you still need to tend them. Make time to explore what is needed to foster a strong, healthy partnership. Discover where the weeds are, grab them by the roots and chuck them out. Nurture it with love, kindness, and compassion. When you do you will see it start to flourish and soon that energy will flow throughout all aspects of your life.