Cathlene’s first drawing is called Silenced, for that was how she felt. She couldn’t explain why she felt scared to speak up or be seen. She only knew the pain she imagined would come if she did. This feeling had been with her a long time and as she drew, it came to her that it has been with her for many lifetimes. 

It felt to her as if she had heavy chains draped over her shoulder weighing her down. She was surprised when she drew the metal strap that was locked tight against her jaw, preventing her from speaking. It reminded her of the Man in the Iron Mask except in this case he could be seen but not allowed to speak. She felt that she would continue to being punished for speaking out, speaking her truth and so she kept silenced. 

This experience however gave her a new process on how to explore the emotions and feelings locked up deep within and allowed her to begin healing the emotional wounds. 

Silenced - web
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