Art Journaling

I love to create and one of the ways I like to is through art journaling. 

To me, art journaling can be much more expressive than written journaling. It allows you to incorporate color and texture to convey the feeling where sometimes words aren’t enough. It gives you a visual representation of what your heart and soul are wanting to express. Like written journaling, it can be cathartic as you move the thoughts and feelings out of your head and into the physical. The beautiful gift you receive from the art journaling process is that it allows you to release what you had been holding inside so it can then be transmuted. 
I am excited to start offering Art Journaling every Friday Live via Facebook and Youtube. If you miss the live you can always catch the replays.
My vision for this is to cover a specific theme each month and since what I do is spirit led we may not follow the same format each month. Some months we may start with a meditation and/or written journaling then jump into the art process and other months it may be strictly art. Lives will be approximately 15 – 30 minutes although they may run longer at times.  
No previous art experience is necessary.

All you need is something to color with, a journal or paper, and an openness to experience the process.


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