A few words

About Cathlene


Cathlene Klippert:

Intuitive Artist, Author & Teacher

For as long as she can remember, Cathlene has always been creative. However, she never thought of herself as an artist. 

That slowly changed over the years. 

One day she found herself exploring her fears. She knew there was something she needed to express but couldn’t find the words. She was inspired to pick up some colored pencils she had and started drawing. 

It was then she she discovered that when she couldn’t find the words or was too scared to say them, she could draw what she was feeling.

This small action gave her a voice where she felt she had none. In addition it allowed her to begin releasing what she had bottled up inside. 

Since then, Cathlene has incorporated her training as a Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner with her mixed media art to enrich her self-healing and self-exploration. 

And now she is creating classes to help others do the same.


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