There is a power within each and every one of you. This power can create a world of beauty or one of pain and sorrow. This power is not one to be feared but one to be embraced. Your power is in the choices you make. When you feel powerless, do you feel as if you have no choice? That is because you have given your power to another however you can take it back. You do it the moment you make the choice to stand up for yourself; speak your truth; or stop believing in what does not feel right for you. Know you always, always, always have a choice. Your action is a choice and yes, even your inaction is a choice. Every choice you make shapes the world you experience. Your choices can make your world one of beauty and light or one of pain and darkness. Which do you choose to experience? Are you experiencing in the world you want to? If not, know that you can by the choices you make.

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