Charlie Sheen

This morning I saw a Good Morning America clip with Charlie Sheen and believe it or not I believe there were some valuable lessons we could all learn from in this interview. The first came about almost immediately and yet I didn’t know what it was until just now – compassion. In the past I never thought I had compassion for others, mainly because I didn’t have it for myself. However while watching the clip that’s what I felt, compassion for him. This really threw me at the time, now when I think about it, its no surprise. I know what its like to be judged, I’ve been doing it to myself for years. I totally expected to judge him when I turned on the video and I just couldn’t all I could feel was the compassion for both of us. Thank you Charlie for helping me to feel compassion!

When questioned about his behavior and how its making others think there is something wrong with him he basically responded that its their opinion and has nothing to do with him and you know what he’s right! Each person has their own opinion about a given situation and the only one who can control that opinion is the person thinking it. It has nothing to do with who they are projecting it on because its based solely on the thinker’s experiences and beliefs. So no matter what Charlie or anyone else does, some people may see the action as tainted or a crock or whatever all because of that’s how their own experiences and beliefs filter what they see. The lesson in Charlie’s words is that you can’t let it bother you. You can’t let what others think of you dictate your actions. That is so true whether you are trying to heal your addictions, any other dis-ease in your life or just trying to move in the direction of your dreams. The moment you let another person’s belief that you can’t succeed become your own you never will. He pretty much said the same thing when questioned about relapsing. He said he won’t and as long as he believes and I mean truly believes, he won’t. The moment he starts to doubt though he creates the opportunity for relapse. This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, “Your opinion of me is NONE of my business”. Living this saying allows you to take your power back and create the life you desire. As long as he doesn’t buy into others beliefs that he can’t do it he will succeed and I hope he does! So thank you Charlie for reminding me to take back my power and become the creator of my beliefs instead of letting someone else create them for me!

Not long after that the subject of celebrity visitors came up. To me it didn’t matter what names were thrown about, the key lesson here is in the awareness that one does not need to speak to help someone grow. I truly believe him when he said “they didn’t give me any advice, and within that was great advice”. Sometimes what we need is not to be told what to do but to have someone be a witness to what we are experiencing and support us with unconditional love. So thank you Charlie for reminding me that sometimes the best support a person can give is unconditional love and believing eyes!

When I first thought of watching the video I never knew how much I would gain from it. Thank you Charlie for being such a great teacher to me!


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