Why hello there, is that a little goblin I see climbing into the driver’s seat?

If you find your Goblin driving the bus today take a step back. Allow yourself to see what he is running away from. Notice how he is so concerned about getting away that he can’t see what is in front of him.

He is so desperate to flee that he runs down anything in his path.

The Goblin doesn’t realize he is running past opportunities to help him let go what is chasing him.

He cannot see that if he stopped for just a few moments he could untie the cord holding him to what he fears.

Once he unties it he could then connect to what he truly desires.

Speak to him gently, calmly. Help him slow down and stop so you can make the necessary adjustments for a much smoother, graceful ride.

Take time to guide him thru the changes you wish to make.

Listen to his concerns and work with him so that you both may enjoy the ride.



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