So as I pulled the Trust card this morning my first thoughts were “Who do you trust? Are you on the list?” I start to write, what I thought were the right words to go with those thoughts. Then I felt stuck, what I was writing didn’t feel right. It felt forced, like I was trying to fit something in box that can’t be contained. I found myself scribbling “I am sure you can come up with a million excuses as to why you don’t, now why do you trust yourself.” That wasn’t was I was supposed to write.

No, instead the card was telling me:

Trust is all about being called to do something and believing in yourself enough to do it.

To build your wings on the way down.

Allow yourself to stumble and pick yourself up when you fall.

Having faith in yourself to put yourself out their even when you are scared.

Taking the steps to move towards your dreams even if you don’t know how they will turn out.

And listening to the soft inner voice encouraging and guiding you along the way. 

You know, as I read those, they feel very empowering and remind me that yes, I am willing to trust in myself.

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