And what have I been resisting, Communication.

I pulled the Communication card yesterday and threw up major blinders to it. I refused to work with it or even attempt to hear what it had to say. I found all sorts of reasons, I’m late for work, my head hurts, I just don’t know what it means, the list goes on. So this morning when I woke up my head is hurting, damn, not that again. I eventually get up and start my morning process. It was still hurting by the time I went to pull a card. I shuffle and drop a whole bunch, shove them back in. I shuffle some more drop a bunch and again shove them back. Shuffle again and finally a single card effortlessly flies out of the deck. This is the card, I pick it up and what is it?


Damn, not again.

My head starts pounding more. I really didn’t want to walk away from it and then I hear.

Someone is trying to get your attention, are you listening? Could that someone be you?

Well obviously, why else would you ask.

So I decided not to fight it, to let whatever wanted to come through…

Notice how you are communicating with yourself. Not just the thoughts rolling around in your head. Become aware of the subtle messages your body is sending you. If a particular part of your body is nagging at you see if you can discover what it is really saying (in my case it was stop resisting).

Maybe you need to slow down and take a break.

Or could it be you need to refuel by eating differently and getting more rest?

Sometimes the body nags because you need to express yourself. Holding it in does no good.

If you feel you can’t express yourself to another then write it down. You can always choose to burn and release it later if you don’t want others to see it.

Or if writing isn’t your thing then talk to your pet, they make wonderful listeners. Or take a walk in nature and express yourself to the trees, let the words float away on the wind.

However you do it isn’t as important as allowing yourself to open up so you can express and listen to yourself.

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