Sometimes it is hard to believe that we truly are being provided for, especially when outer circumstances tend to show us different. That is just an illusion though. So when your trust begins to falter and you feel like nothing is within your grasp, stop.

Stop the worrying, even if it is only for a few moments. Allow yourself to breathe deeply, become grounded and centered. Place your hands on your heart so you can reconnect with your heart and soul. Let all the voices telling you that you aren’t worthy, that you can’t prosper, that you are a failure drift away.

Listen to your heart as it tells you softly “Oh but you are. You ARE worthy. You CAN prosper. You ARE successful.” Notice how the words vibrate through your entire being, filling you up. This new energy feels so right. Allow yourself to open up and soak it in. Let this energy fuel you throughout your day and trust that yes, the Universe is providing for you regardless of how it may appear. 

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