In the beginning you didn’t know what to believe as truth or lie so you stumbled along until you came upon your own truth. It is thru these stumbles that you gain the wisdom you seek, for without them you had no reference point to guide you.

Allow yourself the opportunity to stumble, to fail.

Allow yourself to discover the wisdom in your actions, because that is what is needed in order for you to be the change you wish to see. It is all part of the process and there is no way around it.

Just like a baby learning to walk, you must move at your own pace. Try one thing to discover if it will propel you forward or knock you down. When you do get knocked down you may try the same thing over and over with minor variations until you reach that moment of success and you find yourself moving forward with ease.

None of that time was wasted for you learned what didn’t work for you so the next time it presents itself you will know what to do.

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