Do you feel like you are a wealthy being?

What type of wealth are you attracting into your life? Is it material, emotional or spiritual? To have one does that mean you can’t have another?

No, you CAN have it all, if you allow yourself.

In order to have it you need to believe that you deserve it. Trust that you can achieve it. Otherwise it will slip through your fingers. Let go the worry around what others may have. Their vision of wealth may not be the same as yours and that is OK. For one person may feel wealthy because they have an abundance of love in their life, another because they have a safe space to sleep at night and another because they have a college education. All are wealthy in their own way. It is something they feel within themselves.

Take a moment and notice do you feel wealthy?

Where do you feel it lacking?

Are you holding onto the belief that you don’t deserve it or that for you to be wealthy another must suffer? That is far from the truth for we are all worthy and there is an endless supply for each and everyone of us. All we have to do is open up to receive it and believe that we deserve all the goodness life has to offer.

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