How different would your day be if you looked at everything through the eyes of a child?

Think back to your childhood and remember how the simplest of things would amaze you. Notice the children you encounter and how they see life with wonderment and curiosity. Bring that back into your life.

When you wake in the morning, take a few minutes to wonder “What kind of fabulous day can I create?” Allow yourself to visualize all the things you want to happen. Notice how much better that feels than thinking, “Ugh, I wish I had more sleep or I don’t have time to do…”

Notice how looking at things through eyes of wonderment energize you and raise your vibration.

Try changing the way you look at things in your path. Instead of seeing them as obstacles, imagine them as adventures and you are the explorer blazing a new trail discovering untold adventures along the way.

YES, believe that you CAN become the King of the Hill instead of allowing the bump in the road to stop you. And remember, have fun with whatever your are doing.

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