How very interesting as I flipped the card over and read it I heard it being called out as if someone was singing the opening line to Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof.

It came to me that some of our restrictions that we feel we have in life are not necessarily our own. They have been handed down for centuries and we have accepted them because that is the way it has always been. My question to you is, “Does it have to be?”

Do you have to accept that you must struggle to be successful just because that is how it has been for everyone else before you?

Do you have to follow a certain path because others have always followed the same one?

Think about it, if we all chose to follow the same path, do the same thing, thought the same way as everyone else, then there could be no growth. Yes, we would be able to create, however, it would be a clone of what is already there. We would cease to birth something new and different. Then everything eventually becomes stagnant.

That is what happens when you allow the outdated thoughts and beliefs linger within.

They become blocks to your growth.

They hold you back from creating the life you desire.

Take a moment and observe what you are doing or thinking that are based on what was handed down to you. Do those thoughts and actions feel in alignment with who you are in THIS moment? If not, are you willing to buck the system and let them go?

Are you willing to say this no longer works for me and I love myself to try something different?

If you answer is yes, then step forward past the blocks of resistance. Know that they may present themselves again somewhere down the road and trust that you have the strength and courage to face them if they do.

It is time for you to now march to the beat of your drum.

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