Interesting, when I first pulled this card and started writing I felt Rabbit was about being frozen by fear or running away. The more I wrote the less it felt like what the card was telling me. Instead it wanted to speak about being kind and gentle.

I guess you could say when you are confronted with fear to allow kindness and gentleness to come to the forefront. Look at the situation through the eyes of compassion, for yourself and all involved. Sometimes, being compassionate is all that is needed to shift the situation. That doesn’t mean that you are weak or allowing someone to walk all over you. No, it is about taking a different stance.

You can be strong and stand your ground while being compassionate. I think back to what scares me the most and usually it is my own fearful thoughts. Instead of running from those thoughts I can stop and face them. When I really take a look at them I can see most of them stem from a scared child within. Scared about not being loved, accepted or hurt in some manner. By approaching this inner child with love and compassion I am able to alleviate the fears she has been holding on to for so long. This gives her strength and courage to move forward and past the fears that had been holding her hostage. And, since the inner child is a part of me, it allows me to move forward, to have the courage I was looking for and to move out of the space of fear.

So, if you find yourself afraid and unsure what to do next. Stop and connect with the child within and surround it with love and compassion. Speak to it gently, show it kindness and soon you will see that it is no longer afraid.

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