Have you ever noticed that your perception of a situation changes as time passes? Or maybe you have been presented with a similar situation and now you see it with different eyes?

The situation hasn’t changed, you have. You have journeyed down your path and gained new insights. deeper understandings which have moved you to a new vantage point.

This is a good thing as it allows you to see more of the bigger picture. It may allow you to see the situation from someone else’s point of view, which can lead to compassion for all involved.

It isn’t always easy seeing something from another point of view. It may bring up things that you had suppressed long ago. Again, this is good as you can now address them from a new point of view. A wiser one.

Notice what you are being shown. Maybe you can see how to resolve the situation with more grace and ease.

Or, you may see that it is time to let it go and take the new path that has appeared.

Know that whatever you glean from this new vantage point will guide you on how to move forward, especially the next time the situation presents itself.

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