Death, it is part of the ebb and flow of life. To be born on Earth you must “die” in the spiritual realm and to “die” on Earth you are born into spirit. What does it really mean though?

In it’s simplest form death is change.

To me it is about letting go of control and allowing transformation to happen. It is about growth because in order to grow you have to let go of who you are.

Although it can be sad to say goodby to someone you love or who you have become used to being, it can be beautiful especially when embraced with grace.

The word death is one so many are afraid of. I believe that is because change leads to the unknown. For many it isn’t the process that scares them. No, it is the uncertainty and lack of control over what comes next. You may wonder will who I was cease to exist? Will I enjoy what happens afterwards? What will happen to me?

Every time we are faced with change we wonder about those questions on some level. That is only natural. To move through it with grace you must have courage, be accepting of the change to come and know/trust in your heart that you are loved.

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