You do not have to do it all by yourself! Oh no, no, no. Even though you may feel all alone, remember you are not. You have a gazillion of helpers ready to come out of the shadows and assist you with your needs and desires. They have been there all along. Why haven’t they shown up? Well have you asked for them to? I mean truly ask. That is when after you place the request for assistance you get out of the way and allow help to step forward. Oh too often we ask for help then when the Universe sends it our way we push it aside because it doesn’t appear the way we think it should. STOP DOING THAT! Sometimes our vision of help is anything but help. So, next time you ask, allow yourself to step aside from the judgement, the space of anger or undeserving and move toward a space of gratitude and appreciation as the Universe works its magic and sends you the exact help you need for the moment. It will all work out at the end, and if it hasn’t yet, well then you aren’t at the end. 😀

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