Just as our physical bodies need cleansing, our emotional body needs it to. Take time to wash away the emotional debris that has built up and is weighing you down. 

Imagine yourself in a river at the base of a beautiful waterfall. As you stand under it notice how all the fear, anger, and unforgiveness gently washes away. Let it wash away any jealousy, envy or unworthiness you may be feeling.

Notice that not only is the waterfall washing away all the emotional debris that has been clinging to you it is also gently caressing you, imbuing you with unconditional love.

Allow yourself to release any tears you may have been holding back for they are not a sign of weakness. No, they represent a strength within you and the deep love you have for yourself. 

Taking time to do this releases you of the emotional baggage you have been carrying for so long. Notice how much lighter you feel, your body, mind and spirit are now recharged and it feels wonderful!

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