Sometimes in order to let go you must stand up and take charge.

Claim that the situation is no longer working and take an active role in letting it go.

How you may wonder? What does it mean to take an active role?

For starters, recognize and accept that to let go you must take action. Letting go is something you do, not something that happens to you.

Make up your mind to take the steps needed to fully release what you have been holding onto. Saying you want to be free of it yet being reluctant to let it go will not work. Yes, you may feel like you released it however the energy will find its way back to you.

Make a stand and fully sever the ties.

Look around and notice if you are still holding onto objects that represent what you had been trying to release. Are you still holding onto letters or cards from past relationships?

Did you realize that if you still feel a connection to that person, when you see or read them, then you are still holding onto the relationship?

One way you can release the relationship is by creating a burn and release ceremony full of love and reverence for yourself.

Find a safe space outdoors to create a fire, you can use your outdoor grill if needed. Take some time to center/ground yourself then start placing the pages into the fire. As you do thank them for being a part of your life and showing you what you needed at the time.

As the pages burn, state that you now release the energy that these pages held to the Universe so they may be transmuted and the hold you had upon them be released so all involved may now create space within for something much more beautiful to grow. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up so they too may be released. As you do, notice the weight of the relationship drift away and that you are now being filled with love for yourself from your self by taking this step and letting go.

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