This power can take you to places you can only imagine. Some based on your greatest dreams and others your worst nightmares.

Only when you learn how to work with them do you flow through the landscape gracefully.

Notice when you allow them to run wild and unchecked. When this happens take time to ground and center yourself. Be aware of what aspects are in need of nurturing as the wild emotions, positive and negative, can easily drain you. Listen to your body, as it will guide you when you need to rest or get up and move. 

As you learn how to work with your emotions you will discover when to reign them in and when to let them take the lead. Notice when they are guiding you to create something new in your life and to share it with the world.

Life is a mystery full of emotions that are ever changing. When you find yourself experiencing the less desirable ones know that they shall pass. Soon the sun will shine and the flowers will bloom. They just needed the emotional storm to come through and clear the space for the new seeds to grow.


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