It is time to stand in your full feminine power.

This power understands how to turn destruction into beauty.

It knows how to breathe into life with love and compassion.

With this power you are able to stand tall and strong regardless of what comes your way. And you are able to create the beautiful life you desire.

Allow the queen within to come to the surface creating the strong bonds that will last a lifetime. Listen as she calls to you, guiding you gently yet relentlessly along your path.

Know that although kind and gentle, she is not a doormat. Oh no, she is anything but that. She is not afraid to fight and becomes a fierce warrior when threatened.

She understands the wisdom in patience, allowing things to align so she can make her mark.

Yes she is wise beyond her years whether she shows it or not.

Rejoice that she is a part of you and allow her to take the lead. She has a plan and the power to get you to where you need to be.

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