When you find yourself struggling, unable to see a way out, focus on forgiveness.

Find a space in your heart to forgive each person you feel helped bring you to this space.

Allow yourself to follow the thread to the root cause. Trust where it takes you even if it takes you somewhere you’ve never been before.  Allow yourself to open your heart and send blessings and forgiveness to all you encounter along the way.

Know that you don’t have to “fix” the situation. All that is being asked is to acknowledge it for what it was, what it is and find a way to forgive.

In the beginning it won’t feel easy. You will be full of resistance and want to fight it. That is only natural as that part of you  that is still holding on is afraid of what will happen when it lets go.That part of you is afraid if it lets go it will no longer exist. That is true and yet, it isn’t, for it transforms and reintegrates back into the whole, creating a stronger, healthier you.

Forgiveness is about letting go the pain, anger, frustration. It is also about embracing love, kindness and compassion. As you forgive you allow yourself to break free from being a hostage to the situation, it gives you the power you need to move forward and it opens you up to something much more beautiful.

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