Well, today we have a double shot of transformation surrounding us as Birth-Rebirth and The Butterfly cross our path. Don’t be surprised if things feel a little wonky, there is no need to fret though. This is only temporary as you complete the transformation from what was to what will be.

As uncomfortable as the transformation may seem, know this is a beautiful moment in your life, especially if you allow yourself to wake up and become consciously aware of the transformation within.

Yes you may be saying goodbye to what you know, what is comfortable, however, you have out grown it like a pair of pats three sizes to small. It is time to let it go otherwise you will only suffer. Look ahead to what you are calling forth to you. Notice how beautiful, how loving and how graceful it is.

As you slip into this new role, notice how much expansion is opening up to you and that you have the space now that you need to grow. This is the beauty and it beckons you to it.

Now, step gracefully forward and claim the new you!

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