Oh watch out as the words you speak or hear may have sting to them today.

Notice if they are filled with anger or jealousy and pause a moment before speaking. Allow yourself the opportunity to ground and discern if you are about to speak from a space of love. If not, wait until you can.

Notice the energy behind the words as it may have nothing to do with you or the current situation. If needed, give yourself a time out so you may calm down before spewing out something you wish you hadn’t.

If you are on the receiving end of the harsh words know that you do not have to accept the verbal assault. Walk away or set boundaries and stick to them so others know what is acceptable to you.

Notice any pain or fear behind their words. If you feel you can, have some compassion for them and imagine them surrounded by loving compassionate energy. You will be amazed at how this small act can shift the situation.   

So as you go about your business today remember to be aware of the energy around you and if it is like a hot bed of wasps, it would be wise to steer clear or accept the consequences if you choose to poke the nest.

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