So many options are before you, which one will you choose?

Some fill you up with joy, love and wonderment. Others with fear, pain and heartache. Naturally you want the first but from your vantage point you find you cannot tell which is which.

So now you find yourself frozen in fear.

Afraid of making the wrong choice, you do nothing.

You find yourself stagnating in indecision.

Pick one.

Each choice has a gift. Sometimes the gift is learning what you don’t want so you can recognize what you do want. However, you will not obtain the gift unless you make a choice.

Allow yourself the opportunity to receive the gift.

Make a choice.

Select one and move forward. Know that if it is not to your liking you have more options.

This choice does not have to be forever.

Trust that it will be perfect until it isn’t and then there will be more options available to you.

The key is to make a choice.

Allow yourself to move out of the frozen state of indecision and move forward into the flow of experience.

So, what are you going to do today?

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