Oh my goodness, the world has so much to offer each and every one of us. The question is are you open to receive? 

Do you even have space to receive more?

We are all familiar about releasing what is weighing us down to create space to receive. However it is just as important to release by sharing the beautiful bounty you already have. Remember, the Universe has an unlimited supply to share with you so yes, it is ok to share your bounty with others. 

This bounty may be showing itself in forms you haven’t thought of in the past. Take a moment to notice what is bountiful in your life that could be beneficial to another. 










Allow yourself to share what is proliferating in your life. As you do, not only do you create abundance in someone else’s life, you create the space needed to receive abundance in yours.

As you share remember to open up wide and allow yourself to receive the wonderful bounty Universe has to offer.


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