Today, take some time and release the judgments you’ve been holding onto.

As you let them go, notice how much lighter you feel.

Notice that your spirit becomes refreshed and invigorated as it is no longer stagnated by the judgements you held about yourself and others.

Letting them go allows you to receive beautiful gifts from within. Some that you may not be aware of for some time, however they are there.

It hasn’t been an easy road to get to this point. You stuck it out though and the work you’ve put into yourself is truly paying off.

Notice how this shift within brings new opportunities your way.

Which ones blend harmoniously with the you that you are becoming?

Allow those in and say no thank you to those that are in-congruent with your new path.

Be clear about where you are headed and stand fast to that direction or else you may be courting struggles and heartache.

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