Time for out with the old and in with the new.

Oh, and we aren’t just speaking about cleaning up your home or office.

Oh, no, we are calling you to examine your thoughts.

Take a good look at what is running through your mind.

How are these thoughts serving you? Are they working in a manner that makes you want to keep them, or, are they creating chaos and clutter? If they are the latter then it is time to


Clear your mind of those thoughts so you may fill it with more of what you desire.

Notice what emotions you have stuffed deep within. Brush off the cobwebs so you can have a good look. Yes, sometimes it may be painful, we ask you which would hurt more?

Stuffing them in, pushing them down constantly so you do not face them.


Allowing them to rise up so you can take a good look, feel them and wish them well on their journey as you bid them goodbye.

Cleaning up is not a favorite thing to do however notice how good it feels once you are done.

Allow yourself to notice how much easier it is when you do it on a regular basis instead of leaving it until it becomes overwhelming. And, when it is too much to handle on your own love yourself enough to ask for help/guidance and allow your helpers to assist you along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cleaning!

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