Do you find he is stopping you from taking action or expressing yourself?

Know that no matter how strong or powerful he tries to make himself appear he is no match to the will and determination to succeed within you.

You have such a creative strength that is willing to propel you forward if you allow it. Notice how it is guiding you and finding ways to soothe your goblin’s fear.

Trust that when you let this creative energy flow that it can take you places far beyond your wildest dreams.

It can handle your goblin because it knows how to work with him. Giving him jobs to make him feel safe and heard. As you work with him, he becomes more a more integrated piece of you, learning how to work cohesively with all facets of your being.

He is actually the spark to what you are about to create.

Listen to him.

Work with him instead of against him.

And trust that what you create will be beautiful!

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