If you are unsure that you are able to feel unconditional love for the people you encounter during your day then start with yourself.

Become aware of your actions, thoughts, beliefs.

Are they coming from a space of unconditional love?

If not, allow yourself the opportunity to explore how you can change them.

Notice if you need to shift your perspective or let whatever it is go completely. Maybe forgiveness for yourself and all involved. Become more gentle with yourself and speak to yourself with kindness especially when you falter.

As you fill your day with unconditional love you will notice a shift in those around you. What used to bother you will start to bother you less or not at all. Things will move more smoothly with grace and ease, even the hard things. Especially the hard things, because you shift your energy and the energy all around you when you fill your day with unconditional love.

So fill your day with unconditional love because you are worth it!

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