Notice what is weighing you down.

Are you holding onto thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward?

Take time to look at them deeply, find their root so you can remove them completely. As you do, you clear the path for something new and beautiful to come in.

Although this doesn’t always feel like it in the beginning, doing so is an act of love for yourself. Notice how your whole sense of being shifts as you clear the gunk. You become lighter and more balanced.

Yes, it seems easier to leave things as they are, however, that is far from the truth. Holding onto the gunk only weighs you down. It makes it harder for you to notice that eternal flame within you. The flame filled with unconditional love.

Tap into the energy of the flame no matter how small it may appear. Allow it to grow and shine brightly to assist you in clearing away the clutter weighing you down. Embrace the love it bestows upon you. And trust that it is always there.

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