You spend a lot of time with your fears but do you really know them? Do you know what makes them tick? Are you willing to explore them and let them go?

Allow yourself the opportunity to explore a fear.

It doesn’t matter which one. Well, maybe start with a smaller one so you can become comfortable with the process. Then as you feel guided you can explore and let go some of your bigger ones. So just pick one and start exploring.

Let yourself get to know it.

Ask it where it came from?

When did it first come into being?

Was it handed down generation after generation like some sacred family heirloom?

Explore how it is serving you. 

Is it keeping you safe?

What is it keeping you safe from?

Do you still need protection?

Notice if it has taken its mission to keep you safe to an extreme.

Has it create an impenetrable fortress around you, preventing you from enjoying life?

Is it holding you prisoner, unable to move out of its grasp?

Discover what it needs to feel safe in order for it to leave.

Is it calling out for love and comfort?

Does it need acknowledged?

Appreciate what it has taught you about yourself, others and life in general.

Know that it is a visitor and when you feel it has overstayed its welcome you can bid it farewell.

Remember that to do so, you must stop holding on to it and allow it to leave.

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