Sometimes we forget that to create beauty, something must first be destroyed. Michelangelo could not have created the statue of David had he not destroyed the piece of marble. Just like you cannot create the life you desire without striping away what is no longer working in your life.

Stop a moment and think about where you would like to experience more beauty in your life.




Listen to your heart as it calls you to what needs shifted. Know that in order to create that beauty you must be willing to destroy what is no longer working.

Examine this area in your life. Can you see what isn’t working? If you find yourself saying that’s not it, every time something pops into your head, stop, go back to the first. Allow yourself to truly sit with it’s energy. Notice how it feels, how you feel.

Ask yourself, “When I strip it down to its core, is it really creating the beauty I am seeking?”

If not, then ask, “What can I change within myself to transmute this into something beautiful?”

Allow yourself to truly listen to what your heart and soul are telling you. Trust that although the change you are called to make will destroy what was, what is to come will be much more beautiful.

You are the creator of your life.

Sometimes the creative process will flow with great ease, other times it will require great effort and a relentless drive. However, nothing will be created until you are willing to pick up the chisel and strip away that which is no longer working.


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