I mean truly listening to it?

When it calls out to you in pain, take a moment and ask it what the pain is all about.

Notice where your thoughts go as you wait for the pain to subside. Follow the thread. 

See if it is leading you to unresolved feelings from the past. Or, maybe it is showing you the fear you are projecting into the future.

Notice if you are quick to numb the pain so you don’t have to listen to what it is saying.

Do not dismiss what it is telling you, for it will only persist and become louder.

Ask it what it needs in order for it to release its grip on you.

Trust your body, for it knows you better than anyone. It is the only one with you 24/7.

Remember to treat it with kindness, celebrate it’s achievements and honor its wisdom.

And know when you love it, it loves you back.


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