Today, notice where your inner child is. Are you allowing it to come to the surface or have you been stuffing it down? Approaching life through the eyes of a child does not have to end when you reach adulthood. In fact, bringing the simplicity of a child into your adult life can help you move through it much more gracefully.

Notice how children tend to express their emotions when they come up and then quickly move on with their life. Adults tend to stuff them down allowing them to fester and boil over. Wouldn’t you feel much better if you could allow yourself 10, 15, or 30 minutes to have your mini melt down and be done with it? Here’s the thing, you can. 

You can also allow yourself the freedom to find joy in the smallest of things. Think back to your childhood when you would find a clothespin, a stick or leaf and created a whole life with it. Remember how you tapped into your imagination and the world around you changed. You had no fear stopping you from your creation because you believed in yourself and you found joy in what you were doing. 

Allow yourself to bring that energy back into your life. Infuse yourself with it and let it take you beyond your wildest dreams. 

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