Oh the Death card…

I find it interesting how so many fear pulling the Death card. When I see this card I think of the beauty it brings. For all it means is change.

How does change come about?

By letting something go and allowing something new to come in.

This may be letting go old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. You know the ones I am talking about. They are the thoughts that keep you small and locked into fear. Let them die, so new ones that allow you to grow and claim your greatness, can come into being.

Maybe what needs to die is a relationship that is no longer healthy.

Trust that as you let it go you are now tending the soil for a much better healthier one to flourish. You are so deserving of a healthy relationship. One where all parties value each other.

Give yourself permission to let the unhealthy ones go as they have run their course.

Let yourself grieve, for that is part of the process. As you do remember that this stage will not last forever. In time the seeds that you planted will sprout and blossom into something beautiful.

No, the death card is not something to be afraid of, as it signals the time is here.

The time is now, to make the changes you need and desire in your life.

As you do so, notice how you start to experience life with more grace and ease, how new things start to blossom in your life. Notice the beauty that it brings. And know that you are worthy of all the goodness the Universe has to offer. You are worthy of a life filled with love, happiness, and abundance.

Are you ready to say goodbye and open the door to a new you?

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