What do you do when your Goblin (wounded ego) shows up?

There was a time when I used to let him run the show. I would give all my power to him and he would run amuck, creating a whirlwind of chaos, confusion and pain around and within me.

To be honest, I still allow him to do that from time to time.

For a long time I used to think I needed to banish him.

Lock him up in some deep cellar.

That only made things worse. I spent all my energy trying to push him down, while he was pushing to get out.

So what do you do to break the cycle and stop letting him rule the roost?

It’s simple, work with him.

I know, this seems odd. For me, I find that taking the time to work with my Goblin allows me to walk through the fear and pain. It also lessens the chaos around me and allows me to focus my energy on what I really want.

So how do you work with your Goblin?

Take time to communicate with him. Find out what is really bothering him so you can give him the support he needs. For example, if he rears his head when you feel others aren’t listening to you ask him why? Yes, it is easier to brush him off however, take time to listen, truly listen.

When I find myself in this situation I usually find that he flared up because he wants me to know I am not listening to myself.  I was ignoring what my heart and soul were trying to tell me. Many times I knew I was doing that but didn’t want to admit it. My Goblin would keep running amuck until I stopped to listen to him, my heart and my soul. As I did we shifted the energy. The next time someone didn’t listen to me it didn’t bother me like before. Or if it did, I had the awareness that it was time to stop and listen to what was going on within me.

You see, your Goblin isn’t trying to cause problems for you.

He is trying to get your attention. To bring awareness to an area that needs tending. He is actually an overworked caretaker that is crying out for love and support. And, what is he watching over?


So remember to communicate with him and give him the love and support he needs. As you do you will find he will become an ally instead of an enemy.

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