Our intuition comes to us in many ways, through what many call the sixth sense. The sixth sense actually multiple senses, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Claircognizance and are commonly referred to as the Clairs. Although a person may notice that one of the Clairs is more prevalent they have the ability to receive intuitive message from all of them. 


Is another way of saying clear hearing. Someone whose intuition speaks to them through clairaudience is able to hear what others may not. They use their inner ear to receive intuitive messages. Sometimes it may come through like thoughts in your head. Other times it may seem as if someone is actually talking to you, yet no one is physically there. Sounds and music are another way that someone may receive clairaudient messages. One thing to note, when your intuition speaks to you it always speaks from a space of loving guidance. Thoughts or voices you may hear that are harmful are not your intuition. 


Is another way to say clear feeling. Those whose intuition speaks through clairsentience receives messages via feelings. Think back to a time where you had a gut feeling about something that turned out to be true. In that instance you were receiving a clairsentient message. Many who receive message through feelings can also feel the energy and emotion in the world and are known as empaths. Clairsentient people can feel extra sensitive when watching TV or movies and may prefer not to watch scary or violent ones.


Is another say to say clear seeing. Messages appear to you in images, symbols, colors typically via your third eye. Seeing with your third eye is like imagining except you are not making it up with your mind. Sometimes it is like you are watching a movie in your head instead of on the TV or movie screen. 


Is another way to say clear knowing. When someone is claircognizant they may know something but not know how or why they know it. The information comes to the out of the blue.