Hi there, we are the Clair Sisters. We are called the Clair Sisters because each of us have a special psychic or intuitive gift.



Hi there, my name is Clairaudience. That’s just a fancy way of saying I can hear clearly. I hear so clearly that I can hear what many people cannot. I am able to use my inner ear to hear messages from Spirit. Sometimes I hear the messages like thoughts in my head. Other times I hear the messages like someone is actually talking to me. The neat thing is most people aren’t able to see who is talking!


Hi there, I am Clairsentience. My intuitive or psychic gift is that I can feel clearly. A lot of times I get a gut feeling about a situation or person. Sometimes I can even feel what another person is feeling. Like when they are sick with a sore throat my throat feels sore but only when I am around them or talking to/about them. The feelings I pickup can also belong to animals or even the planet. I also find that I can be extra sensitive when watching TV or movies and prefer not to watch scary or violent ones.


Hi there, I am Clairvoyance. My intuitive or psychic gift is that I can see clearly. Instead of seeing things physically I see them in my third eye. Seeing with your third eye is like imagining except you are not making it up with your mind. Sometimes it is like I am watching a movie in my head instead of on the TV or movie screen. What I see in my third eye is so clear that sometimes I forget that other people can’t see what I am seeing!


Hi there, I am Claircognizance. My intuitive or psychic gift is that I know things clearly. Someone might ask a question and the answer just pops into my head. I can’t always explain how I know something I just do. This is really interesting especially when the question is something I normally know nothing about!

Did you know you also have a special psychic or intuitive gift? Not everyone realizes it, but, you do. Oh and you don’t have to be a girl to have these gifts. Boys have them too! When we first noticed our gifts we were scared because we didn’t understand what was happening. Sometimes when we shared our experiences, others thought we were weird or strange because they didn’t understand what was happening. Then one day we found a teacher who brought us together so we could learn about our gifts and develop them. We want to help you learn and develop your gifts so you are not afraid of them.

Before we met our teacher we would sometimes experienced things with our psychic gifts that scared us. We didn’t know it then but we were picking up on lower or negative energy. So one of the first things our teacher taught us was to protect our energy. There are several ways you can do this and here are a couple of ways we do it:

Call on Archangel Michael:


Each morning or anytime you may feel scared you can call on Archangel Michael. He is like a superhero that is always available to assist you. The cool thing about him is he can help more than one person at a time! For him to help you all you have to do is ask. We like to call on him by saying:

Archangel Michael, please clear and protect me from all negative and lower energies or entities seen or unseen. Please surround me in a bubble of blue light.

Or if you are scared and you can’t remember all of that, simply say:

Archangel Michael please help me.

White Light:

Another thing our teacher taught us was to use white light to amp up our energy and help us feel strong and safe. To do this, imagine a small white light shining deep within you. Imagine it growing larger and larger until it is bigger than you are! Keep imagining it growing until you are completely surrounded by the white light. Feel the the warmth of the light shining within and around you. Notice how strong it shines, notice how strong you now feel. Doesn’t that feel great? You know you can do this anytime and no one will even know it except you.

After we learned about our energy and how to keep it strong our teacher gave us a game to play. We learned that everyone has all of the clairs but just like singing, sports or math, some people are naturally stronger with one than another. We would play this game to help us see which clair was stronger and to also help develop the other senses:

What is in the envelope:

Find a nice quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. Have someone put a picture or colored piece of paper into an envelop. Make sure that you cannot see what they put in there. Close your eyes and take 3 deep slow breaths. Have the person hand you the envelop so you can hold it in your hand. As you hold it notice if you feel anything (hot, cold, sad, happy, etc). Pay attention to any sounds or words that you may hear that are not coming from others in the room. Be aware of any images that you see while your eyes are closed or anything that you may just know without any explanation. Give yourself about 5 minutes to do this then open your eyes and give the envelop back to your helper. Write down or tell your helper everything that you were aware of while holding the envelop. Once you are done with that have them open the envelop and see how many things you listed off were right. It is ok if you only have a few right answers, remember you are just learning how to work with your gifts.