Focus and Action Turns Dreams Into Reality

Focus and Action Turns Dreams Into Reality

How often do you find yourself working like a dog only to find yourself filled with frustration? The frustration builds because you realize you are not making headway towards your dreams and desires.

What do you do when this happens?

Do you ask yourself, “Will I ever get there?”

If you do, stop! That question will get you nowhere. Instead ask yourself, 

“Am I focusing on the next right action to get me there?”

It doesn’t matter if you just climbed the highest mountain if what you really needed to do was wander the valley below you. Keeping yourself busy doing work that isn’t focused on your goals/desires will only lead to frustration and burnout.

Now with that said, focusing on your dreams without taking action isn’t any better. This creates just as much frustration for all you are doing is dreaming. You missed the step necessary to bring it into the physical world. 

Some may say, “Well isn’t that the way to manifest? To envision and believe it is so?”

That is a part of it however to bring it to fruition you must take some sort of physical action. Otherwise the dream stays in your head.When you find yourself stuck in the dream stage ask yourself, “What action do I need to take?” 

Remember, you must keep your action and focus in alignment to move you toward your dreams!

Let’s say you envision yourself as a speaker who shares a message with huge crowds while traveling all over the world. You can see yourself doing it, you can feel yourself doing it. Now, you need to take action to bring it to fruition.

Ask yourself, “What action do I need to take to make this a reality?”

Write down anything and everything that comes up such as:

  • I need to book venues
    • Visit potential venues
    • Create a budget
    • Create a list of negotiable and non-negotiable items
  • I need to build an audience
    • Share what you have to say with others
    • Join groups that are relevant to my subject or target audience
    • Develop social media skills
  • I need to pick a subject to talk about
    • Need to feel passionate about it
    • Fill a need for others
  • I need to build my confidence in speaking
    • Join Toast Masters
    • Speak to small groups 
    • Practice speaking about it the subject with friends/family
  • I need to book travel
    • Get a passport
      • Find birth certificate for my passport application

It’s OK if they are out-of-order you can rearrange them later. Keep writing until it feels complete.

Now that you captured all the steps, sit with them for a moment. Notice which one is calling you forward. This is now what you will focus on and work towards. Make sure to follow any preceding steps necessary for it and trust that you can do it. 



Forgiveness Creates the Space Needed For Something New in Your Life

Forgiveness Creates the Space Needed For Something New in Your Life

Holding on to anger blocks you from the beauty you deserve in life. It is OK to feel angry, but, when you hold on to it the energy festers and eats away at you.

It is time to let that energy go, for YOUR sake.

The festering energy is getting in the way, blocking you along your path.

It is creating difficulties that do not have to be there.

Open up your heart and shower yourself and all involved with unconditional love and forgiveness.

Love and forgive and a whole new world will open up before your eyes.

Are You Willing to Destroy What Isn’t Working?

Are You Willing to Destroy What Isn’t Working?

Sometimes we forget that to create beauty, something must first be destroyed. Michelangelo could not have created the statue of David had he not destroyed the piece of marble. Just like you cannot create the life you desire without striping away what is no longer working in your life.

Stop a moment and think about where you would like to experience more beauty in your life.




Listen to your heart as it calls you to what needs shifted. Know that in order to create that beauty you must be willing to destroy what is no longer working.

Examine this area in your life. Can you see what isn’t working? If you find yourself saying that’s not it, every time something pops into your head, stop, go back to the first. Allow yourself to truly sit with it’s energy. Notice how it feels, how you feel.

Ask yourself, “When I strip it down to its core, is it really creating the beauty I am seeking?”

If not, then ask, “What can I change within myself to transmute this into something beautiful?”

Allow yourself to truly listen to what your heart and soul are telling you. Trust that although the change you are called to make will destroy what was, what is to come will be much more beautiful.

You are the creator of your life.

Sometimes the creative process will flow with great ease, other times it will require great effort and a relentless drive. However, nothing will be created until you are willing to pick up the chisel and strip away that which is no longer working.


What Are You Going to Create Today?

What Are You Going to Create Today?

Each day is like a new canvas waiting for you to transform it into something. Some days you take charge and take a brush to it creating some sort of masterpiece. The masterpiece may not be what you originally set out to create and yet it is perfect for that moment.

Other days you find yourself running from the canvas, unsure what to create. You are frozen in fear of creating something you don’t want so you leave it blank, empty of all effort.

You might even hand the brush over to someone else. Thinking that they know what you want better than you do. Yes, they may create something beautiful however it isn’t what you wanted or maybe it is and you discover that you are now resentful and jealous of them for creating it.

Remember, you have a choice in the matter. So, what are you going to create today?