What would you say if I told you it is time to shake things up a bit? Would you embrace it with open arms or would you cross them against your chest, stamp your feet and say NO! Funny isn’t it, when we think things will go our way we are all open to shaking them up but if there is just the slightest hint that it may be uncomfortable we want no part of it. Did you ever notice that once things settled down they really weren’t that bad? And once you allow it to happen instead of resisting, it really doesn’t last that long either. What made you uncomfortable was the shift and not knowing where it would lead you. That shift doesn’t have to lead you to misery or pain though, in fact, it usually happens to knock that misery and pain out of your grasp so you can pick up Love, Joy and Abundance. You may not realize it at the time but every single time things were shook up you were given a gift. That gift was the opportunity to see life from another perspective, to try something new and to see yourself grow. Now who would want to turn down a gift like that?

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