What do you think of when you hear the word peace? Do you think of societies all living as one without any fighting? Or maybe you think of a calm quiet house without the TV blaring and kids fighting. Do you ever stop to think about peace on a personal level? Have you ever experienced personal peace? If not, then take just a few moments to allow yourself to experience it. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe in then slowly let it out. Allow any thoughts and worries that you may have to just float away. Feel your breath flow thru you and become in tune with your inner being. Focus on your heart center and feel it being filled with calmness, love and peacefulness. Stay there as long as you can and know that you can always come back anytime you want. As you go throughout your day pull that feeling back to you whenever you feel things are getting a bit hectic. Know that every time you allow yourself to feel peace the world feels peace as well. Soon you will find yourself experiencing it more and more until one day, you realize you no longer need to make a conscious effort to do so because it has become a natural way of being.


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