I hear the loving guidance sent to me by the Universe! You may not be aware of it but you can hear it too! It is that soft loving inner voice that is always looking out for your highest good. It is the conversation you overheard yesterday that gave you the answer to the question on your mind. It is the song you heard on the radio this morning that brightened your day. The messages are all around waiting for you to hear them.

A few weeks ago I was at work speaking with my boss and I had a message come to me loud a clear thru him. He made a comment that maybe I wasn’t really listening to what others were saying. Now I could have taken this as negative criticism but I knew as soon as it came out of his mouth that it was really a message from the Universe because I hadn’t been listening to them. It brought awareness to how I listen.  After I received the message I realized that I sometimes put a block up when I am listening. Its weird, once I became aware of it I can physically feel me blocking. I can hear what is being said and instead of allowing myself to be present and absorb the words I have a two foot thick barrier around me that the words can’t penetrate. Now that’s all fine and dandy if someone was being verbally abusive or saying negative things but when you have that barrier up all the time it makes it difficult to connect with others. Why do I do this, I think it started as a way of protection. At some point in my life someone may have said something to me that felt hurtful so I created this barrier to keep from getting hurt again. Now that I’m aware I have a choice in whether I allow someone’s words to hurt me or not the barrier is no longer needed. It is time for me to release the need for it. Oh, this is interesting I also got that it is time for me to open up not only to what others have to say but what I have to say. So for me my barrier is preventing me not only from hearing others, but also from hearing myself.

It is amazing what you can gain just by opening yourself up to hear what the Universe is saying!

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