Last week I went to an art journaling class by my wonderful friend and intuitive artist Tara Jack. The focus of the class was around setting your intentions for 2015 and expressing them to the Universe via art. My creative side had been calling to me for several days and needless to say I was a bit excited for the class. I was wondering what type of art I was going to create and if the shifts I had been experiencing would be reflected in my work.

After week took a few minutes to focus our intentions we started creating. I knew exactly which colors I wanted for my foundation but had no idea what it would look like. I quickly grabbed the yellow, brown and blue alcohol inks, spraying them haphazardly across the pages.

Yes, this was the feeling I was looking for!

Next came the stenciling and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the tiger stencil. I knew the power of that cat was vital to the energy I am creating this year! After I finished with the tiger I looked over at the stack of stencils one of the other ladies was going to use. I spotted a bird in there and knew that I needed to include it too!

Once I had finished with the stenciling I just let myself play with color. Dropping a little red here, some blue over there and a little pink and purple too. Once it was done I took a look at it and thought I could see the shift in me reflected in it, and I like that!

I was reflecting on the class today and decided that I want to create a new painting at least once a week and use it to set the tone for the days to come. Today I really had no idea what I wanted to paint. I didn’t think about it nor did I want to meditate on it. I just wanted whatever was to come out to come out. I started grabbing supplies and found myself get this and get that but still had no clue how they all fit together. It wasn’t until I started putting the music notes on that it all came together and I can’t think of a better message to receive, “Let the music in your soul guide you.”


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