Do you create what you intend? Now you would think you would only create what you intend to create in your life but that isn’t always the case. Do you know why? Well, its because many times you are unconscious of what you are creating. Maybe you didn’t believe that you really could create the life of your dreams. The thoughts in your mind, the feelings you held on to and the words you used may have been focused towards the opposite of what you wanted or at least a not so fun or easy way of achieving your desires. Because your focus was on what you didn’t want your energy couldn’t focus on what you did. Every time you say or think I don’t want to be in pain, this is will never work, I’m not good enough or whatever the negative based words are it puts your focus on those words. Really, you start focusing on what you are trying to move away from and all that does is keep you there!

Think about it, have you ever had a headache that just didn’t want to go away. All you did was think ugh, its never going to leave or my head is killing me. You may go thru hours of fighting the pain and then within a moment or two of realizing you have relief from it, the pain suddenly comes back. I’ve had that happen many times and I’ve realized when it does its because I was focusing on the pain, wondering where it was instead of being grateful that I was feeling healthy again. My energy was focused on what I didn’t want so that’s all I could create! So, when you feel yourself heading down that road of creating what you don’t want how do you change? Well, it’s as easy as shifting your focus!

OK, I get it you’re wondering, How the heck do I do that?! Affirmations are a great start. You may not realize it but you are already saying affirmations. Each time you say or think, I’m not good enough, This pain will never end, I hate my job, etc. you are affirming something. When you say or think these repeatedly you really start to believe them and they become your truth. You can change some of those negative affirmations just by removing the word not. I’m not good enough would become I’m good enough. To make it even stronger change the I’m to I am. Doing so really claims that energy. I’m good enough doesn’t sound as strong as I am good enough now does it? With negative affirmation like This pain will never end, you may be tempted to change it to This pain will end. However that is still focusing on the pain. Instead try something like, I am healthy, whole and complete. This shifts the energy away from the pain and/or illness.

So the next time you feel that life is not headed in the direction you had intended take a look at the words you say and think. Try shifting the focus from one of negativity to something positive. Play around with the words until you find something that feels right for you and if you feel you need a little guidance to do so then look into books like Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life or Heal Your Body.

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