Today's Card

Today's card will give you loving guidance based on the energy of the day. Focus on the sections that resonate with you and leave the rest behind.

  • Today's Card

    Breath, Power & Transition

    This week I decided to switch to a different card deck for my almost daily posts. I went back to my first set, the Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue. I felt called to get back to my roots and…

  • Today's Card

    Allow Your Inner Child To Come Out

    Today, notice where your inner child is. Are you allowing it to come to the surface or have you been stuffing it down? Approaching life through the eyes of a child does not have to end when you reach adulthood.…

  • Today's Card

    Home Sweet Home

    Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Instead of fighting or trying to control it, you are being to step back and trust that all will be OK. For the wheels are in motion to make it so.

  • Today's Card

    Love The Season You Are In

    Have you ever noticed everything has a season to it. Relationships, work, health, life in general all flow through their own cycles. Thankfully each one runs at its own pace so we typically aren’t experiencing everything in the same cycle…