I’m excited to announce that I am now offering Intuitive Art Readings!

What’s an Intuitive Art Reading? 

With an Intuitive Art Reading you will receive a one of a kind 11×14 mixed media painting along with a channeled message from Spirit. Your painting may be of your Inner Child, a Spirit Guide, Angel or a combination of the three. Before and during the creative process, I will connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guide(s), and Angels along with my own guides and angels. As I communicate with them I will ask them to share a message for you that is in your best and highest good. 

Can I requests an answer to a specific question?

No, in an Intuitive Art Reading does not focus on specific questions. It is focused more on who in the Spiritual realm is working with you at this time and what they are here to help you with. 

What is mixed media painting?

Mixed media paintings are created on mixed media art paper and uses a combination of acrylic paints, colored pencils, markers, art crayons, water color paint, alcohol inks, glitter or other types media to create art with. Many times, due to the mixture of items used the painting will have a layered effect. 


Below are a couple of examples of the artwork I’ve channeled. The first is the cosmic aspect of myself and the basis of her message to me was to trust in the deep ancient wisdom that resides within. The second is an aspect of my inner child and her core message is to believe in magic even if it seems messy and full of mistakes. It is when you move through the messes and mistakes that the true magic happens.   

These were created on canvas using a combination of acrylic paint, markers, colored pencils, art crayons and glitter. 

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