As you go thru your day today take a moment and focus on what is gnawing at you. Normally persistence and chipping away at something little by little is a good thing, except when it’s your negative self talk and fears that are doing the work. Negative self talk and fear when allowed to persist can slowly chip away at your spirit until you feel as if there is no reason to continue. Sometimes they will bring in reinforcements in the guise of friends or family and like busy beavers they keep gnawing away until nothing is left, or, something stands in their way. There can be beauty though in the gnawing, for once you realize what it is that is eating away at you, you are able to give it a name and it will start to lose it’s power over you. Now you can recognize when they start to rear their ugly heads at you and YOU can stop them. YOU become the force that stands in their way driving back the thoughts until they are no more. YOU can take your power back the same way it was taken away, little by little and with determined persistence to allow love and light in your life.  The moment YOU make the choice to stand up for yourself, you take a huge step towards healing the wounds they created.

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